A Gujarat-based startup finds a solution to the rice husk ash problem

Gujarat-based startup Brisil Technologies Pvt Ltd has found a solution to the problem of rice husk ash by turning it into flint and other products. “We have developed a technology, a patented chemical process, that transforms ash into precipitated silica,  one of the most widely used chemicals. It is used in tires, footwear, rubber products, toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, animal feed, food, paints and many other applications”, says company founder Tanmay Pandya. The launcher can produce silica for all major  uses. Currently, silica is produced by a conventional sand-based process, which is energy-intensive and emits carbon dioxide. River sand is also mined for this purpose, which affects the ecology. 

 Greener choices 

 For every ton of silica produced, Brazil saves more than 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions because the shell is a biofuel and its process saves 50-65 percent of carbon dioxide emissions compared to the traditional silica process. It also reduces more than 2 tons of ash from landfills, reducing air pollution. “We offer our customers greener options. Our biosilica is a direct replacement for conventional silica and is available at a similar or better price”.

 Companies are trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and choose alternative raw materials, so Brazil believes that its products are suitable for such customers. “Our product helps our customers achieve their carbon  reduction goals and improve their ESG performance”.

Rice husks are one of the  biomass fuels mainly used in  clean energy production. It is used to generate heat and electricity in rice mills, power plants and  rice-producing areas around the world.

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