As innovators introduce new technologies, their commercial use is increasing day by day. The government has relaxed restrictions on the use of drones and supports start-ups with new ideas. As drone measurements become more common, they will also become more cost-effective. They have many advantages in agriculture. Some of them are: 

  • Improved production – Farmers can improve their production capacity through a comprehensive irrigation schedule, adequate monitoring of crop health, greater knowledge of soil health, and adaptation to environmental changes. 
  • Efficient and Adaptive Technologies – The use of drones results in regular updates to farmers about their crops and helps develop improved farming techniques. They can adapt to weather conditions and allocate resources without waste. 
  •  Better safety for farmers – It is safer and more convenient for farmers to  spray pesticides with drones in hard-to-reach terrains, infected areas, taller crops and power lines. It also helps farmers avoid spraying  crops, reducing soil pollution and chemicals. 
  • 10x Faster Data for Quick Decision Making – The drone maps farmers with accurate data processing that encourages them to make quick, informed decisions without having to think, allowing farmers to save  time invested in crop research. The drone’s various sensors allow it to collect and analyze data from the entire field. Data can focus on problem areas such as infected crops/diseased crops, different colored crops, moisture levels, etc. The drone can be attached to other crops with multiple sensors, enabling a more accurate and versatile crop management system. 
  • Less waste of resources – Agri-drones enable optimal use of all resources such as fertilizers, water, seeds and pesticides. 
  • Precision 99% – Drone survey helps farmers calculate accurate land size, segment different crops and participate in soil mapping.
  • Useful for insurance claims – Farmers use  data collected by drones to apply for crop insurance against potential losses. They even calculate state insured risks/losses. 
  • Evidence for Insurance Companies – Agricultural insurance industries use agricultural drones to obtain efficient and reliable information. They describe the damage caused so that financial compensation to farmers can be properly assessed.

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