Another estimate of Pepsi production from Indian sugar mills is 33 million tons, down 10 percent.

India’s sugar production (including the amount earmarked for ethanol) is estimated to fall 10 percent to 33.05 million tonnes (mt) in the current period, which began on October 1, 2023, from 36.62 million in the previous period According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), this is mainly due to a likely decline in production from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Publishing House 2023-2024. In the second preliminary estimate of sugar production for 2018, the ISMA said gross production in Maharashtra is estimated to fall to 9.99 million tonnes from 11.85 million tonnes and Karnataka to 4.97 million tonnes from 6.58 million tonnes. tons However, factories in Uttar Pradesh are likely to produce 11.99 million tonnes (11.89 tonnes), it said.

Balance Sheet

As the government has so far pledged to divert only 1.7 million tonnes of sugar from cane juice/B heavy molasses to ethanol production in 2023-24, net sugar production could be around 31.35 million tonnes, ISMA said. liberation opinion However, the factories hope that the government will allow more quantities due to convenient inventory. Considering an opening stock of approximately 5.6 million tons on 10/1/2023, domestic consumption of 28.5 million tons, and net production of 31.35 million tons, “ending stocks in September would be satisfied with approximately 8.45 million tons  as on September 30, 2024”.

“We believe that the government can now easily allow about 1.8 million tons of additional sugar to go into ethanol production during the current ESY (Ethanol Supply Year). Even then, the remaining stock will be enough for about three months of the next season, ISMA said. 18.72 million tons of sugar were also produced in October-January compared to 19.5 million tons in the same period last year.

Cooperative factories

Announcing the update, KUSF announced on Wednesday that at the end of January a total of 192.8 million tons of sugarcane were crushed throughout the country, of which 18.7 million tons were produced with an average yield of 9.71 percent. In a statement, NFCSF president Jaiprakash Dandegaonkar said factories in Maharashtra crushed 67.6 million tonnes of sugarcane with an average yield of 9.60 percent and produced 6.5 million tonnes of sugar. But UttarPradesh reported crushing of 57.4 million tonnes of sugarcane and 5.77 million tonnes of sugar with an average yield of 10.5 percent. Mills in Karnataka crushed 37.7 million tonnes of sugarcane and produced 3.7 million tonnes of sugar with an average yield of 9.75 percent.

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