collaborates with Bioseed  in  seed research using satellite technology and AI-enabled technology

Grain trading platform has partnered with Bioseed to collaborate on seed research using advanced satellite tracking and AI-powered technology. uses its satellite monitoring product  Prakshep  and AI-based solution “VaMa” to monitor organic seed commissioned farms and inform about seed performance in different agro-climatic zones, as well as create an appropriate policy package that ensures quality and reliability of data. result . “This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to using satellite technology to build resilience to climate change. Bioseed is a leader in biotechnology, and we are excited to partner with them to provide data-driven insights through farm monitoring. 

Our shared vision is to empower farmers. make informed decisions and sustain them in the face of climate uncertainty”. managing director and co-founder Anand Chandra said in a statement. Sources of information uses various data sources such as satellite imagery, weather data, market trends and ground imagery to monitor thousands of images and  crop growth and biotic and abiotic stress. As part of the partnership, combines farm and village analytics to provide users with a comprehensive view of farm performance, including vegetation maps, moisture maps, biotic stress maps, abiotic stress maps, nutrient stress maps and targeted surveys. early monitoring, irrigation management and soil sampling sites.

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