Biofuels Junction eyes opportunities in the decarbonization drive 

Biofuels Junction, which focuses on industrial demand to replace coal and fuel oil, sees growth opportunities in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the Centre’s mandate to use  5 percent agro-waste-based pellets in all coal-fired power plants, Ashvin Patil, Founder and Director of Biofuels Junction. Biofuels Junction sources agricultural waste and residues, ie. biomass briquettes or pellets, from production companies located near the source of the material. They are then supplied as fuel to companies such as Hindustan Lever, Reliance, PepsiCo, ITC, and United Breweries.   The company has a strong position in the central, northern, eastern, and northwestern parts of the country. “In the south, we are present in Karnataka, and Andhra, have executed orders in Kerala. But we want to grow in this area. Biofuels Junction, which had a turnover of ₹ 67 billion last financial year, plans to expand through contract manufacturing or joint ventures. Biofuels help increase incomes in rural areas because farmers now get money from agricultural waste that would otherwise have been turned into fertilizer or burned on farms, Patil said. 

 Increasing employment in rural areas   

   The growing popularity of biofuels offers additional jobs in rural areas. “Collection is done by rural entrepreneurs or collectors. They are laborers who have no work after the harvest. Collecting raw material is additional work and it is taken to the production site,” said the founder of the company, which processes 7,000 tons of biomass per month.   Briquette and pellet mills are run by rural entrepreneurs. “So they (aggregators/entrepreneurs) not only get work but support 7-8 people in the factory throughout the year in their employment. The biggest benefit is therefore in rural areas. This will strengthen the rural economy,” said Patil, whose family has been involved in agriculture for generations.

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