Branding and use of social media helps to increase thousand exports

According to industry stakeholders, the branding of millets and the use of social media through food vloggers will help increase millet exports. Raj Seelam, Founder and CEO, Shresta Bio Natural Products Pvt Ltd attended NABARD and Business Line Millets Conclave 2023 session on increasing millet exports and called for hiring an advertising agency to popularize millet and also  help  food vloggers to popularize millet cuisine in foreign countries. markets 

 Seelam emphasized the need to target a larger export market for Indian millets. Most of the millet exported is used for feed, mostly sorghum, while pearl millet is consumed in the diaspora. 

 Major food trends 

 Highlighting key food trends in the global market, where  demand for plant-based and superfoods like jackfruit and quinoa has increased, Seelam said millets have huge potential and  we need to actively promote them abroad. “We need to mark our mill to better exploit export opportunities,” said Millets Bank director Vishala Reddy. Reddy said the key approaches for the tap export market are capacity building, opening of new markets,  higher value promotion, branding of Indian millets, traceability and RandD seeding. While consumer behavior is linked to traceability, everyone needs to work together and take a long-term approach to make it work, Reddy said, noting that export promotion needs to be done. 

 MSP intervention 

 Marine spatial planning interventions will definitely help farmers as business viability at the farm level is crucial, said Nitin Gaikwad, Director, Agri Business, ITC. He said farmers should be encouraged to bear the cost of certification, which is high. Gaikwad also emphasized the need for accurate GST classification of processed millet products, which can help boost exports. Highlighting the initiatives taken by APEDA, Assistant Director General  RP Naidu said that  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Bangladesh are the major markets to which millet has been exported. Naidu said APEDA participated in several trade fairs like Biofachs and GulfFood to promote foreign millets, besides offering financial support of 40 percent of the cost of equipment required for millet processing  by exporters.

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