By March 31, 10 lakh tons of yellow peas had been imported.

According to the pulses trade, about 10 lakh tonnes (lt) of yellow peas will be imported till March 31 this year. Imports of yellow peas are expected to help offset the expected shortfall in Chana supplies, as the domestic crop is expected to be smaller than last year as area and weather affect crops in states such as Karnataka. In a webinar on rabi outlook organized by the Pulses and Cereals Association of India, Manek Gupta, managing director of Viterra India, said that the chana crop in 2024-25 will be around 104.3 liters, about 15 percent less than the last year. Chana cultivated area has decreased by about 8 percent and yields are likely to remain lower by about 7-8 percent. In Madhya Pradesh, the largest producing state, crop condition is good and yields are likely to be 5-6 percent higher, while Karnataka, with 9 percent area, is 15-20 percent lower. a penny,

Gupta estimates Chana’s transport reserves in 2024-25 to be about 15 lakh tonnes (lt), with the government holding about 10 lt and the rest in the open market. Due to the lack of chana crop, the demand for yellow peas is changing. Gupta mentioned that about 10 liters of yellow peas are likely to be imported by March 31, 2024. The government opened duty-free imports of yellow peas last December to increase supply of the pulse and keep prices under control. India imports yellow peas from Canada and Russia, among others.

Mithilesh Kumar Gupta of the Uttar Pradesh Dal Mills Association said the outlook for the green pea crop is good as the area under this Rabi has increased by 3-4 percent in the major producing states of UP and Madhya Pradesh. Also, due to favorable weather conditions this year, the crop is likely to be 3-5 percent higher and the crop size could be around 13-14 thousand tonnes, Consumer Protection Minister Rohit Kumar Singh said there is no concern about Chana availability as this year’s sowing rate is the same as the five-year average of about 105 lakh hectares.

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