Center extends deadline for supply of special milled rice to Telangana.

The Union Ministry of Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Marketing has agreed to extend till February 29 the deadline for milling and supplying raw rice (CMR) procured during the Marketing Season (KMS) 2022-2023 to Telangana. However, the ministry refused to give further deadlines as the country had to start milling and supplying rice (both kharif and rabi) in the 2023-24 KMS season. At the request of the state government, the ministry announced that in order to facilitate the processing of last year’s rice, the state government must ensure timely completion of the supply.

While there is no major problem with kharif rice due to high demand within and outside the state, the state faces challenges in rabi production as there are not many buyers for this summer variety of rice. Unlike the good varieties of the kharif season, mills use parboiled rice to reduce the rate of normalization (conversion to paddy). The grains become brittle when exposed to too high temperatures in March and April. As stocks build phenomenally, the country will sell 35,000 tons of rice through global procurement for the 2022-2023 season.

Activity Report

The Union Government has also instructed the State Government to submit an activity report on the progress of the capacity expansion of the plant. As paddy production has multiplied in the state in the last 4-5 years due to increased irrigation facilities, the Center has directed to increase milling capacity in the state. The previous government of Chandrashekar Rao appointed a cabinet sub-committee to investigate the matter and draw up a plan to increase the number of factories. In its latest order, the Union government has also asked the state to ensure that rice is not recycled (the questionable practice of diverting cheaper PDS rice back to mill stocks).

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