CMAI, KUKVC ink contract promotes sustainable agricultural practices

The Carbon Markets Association of India (CMAI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the non-profit organization Krishi Udyami Krishak Vikas Chamber (KUKVC) to form a strategic partnership to promote the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming. Agriculture facilitates the linking of carbon revenue to farmers’ income streams to improve livelihoods. A media statement noted that the MoU is an important development step for both KUKVC and CMAI in combating climate change and promoting environmental sustainability. By pooling knowledge and assets, KUKVC and CMAI are ready to open new opportunities in the field of sustainable agriculture through carbon credits and help in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

 Calculation of potential 

  CMAI provides support and information sharing on green credits and carbon financing. It organizes capacity-building sessions explains carbon credits and their importance in combating climate change, and provides guidance on how to register and earn carbon credits through authorized carbon platforms, helping farmers calculate their potential green credits/carbon income. based on their sustainable practices.  KUKVC organizes information programs and training to educate engage, mobilize, and motivate farmers to participate in sustainable practices. KUKVC  also supports the collection of data to ensure the successful implementation of green finance production projects. He regularly monitors plantations, keeps extensive records, and communicates with farmers to solve problems. 

 Quoting CMAI president Manish Dabkara,  the statement said, “We are delighted to partner with KUKVC in our shared commitment to environmental sustainability. This collaboration begins an exciting journey to create a sustainable and positive impact in the fight against climate change”. Through this collaboration, we aim to harness the significant potential of sustainable agricultural practices to reduce carbon emissions and utilize the benefits of carbon credits to finance the transition. At the same time, we want to position India as a leading promoter of environmental protection and adoption of cleaner and more sustainable agricultural practices. It involves moving from traditional practices to traditional practices while embracing life (lifestyle for the environment). Together, we believe we can open up new opportunities and contribute significantly to achieving our environmental goals. 

   Om Prakash Dhankar, former Agriculture Minister, of Haryana and Chief Patron of KUKVC said, “Through this strategic partnership, KUKVC wishes to leverage its extensive domain knowledge and capabilities to seamlessly integrate its past activities and initiatives that have supported farmers. By joining forces with CMAI, KUKVC believes that it can strengthen the effect of its control measures under the influence of climate change. This collaboration promises to yield positive results and contribute significantly to their joint mission to ensure a sustainable future.

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