CMERI is developing an electric tractor to meet the needs of small farmers

To meet the needs of small and marginal farmers, CSIR-CMERI (Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute) has independently designed and developed a compact electric tractor named “CSIR PRIMA ET11”. Tractors traditionally use diesel fuel, which significantly increases environmental pollution. The use of such tractors is also possible in large agricultural areas. More than 80% of Indian farmers own small and marginal farms. Considering the need to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the demands of small and marginal farmers, electric tractors have been identified as a possible solution in the context of more sustainable agriculture. Easy for women, It was noted that special attention was paid to ergonomics when designing the tractor to make it more suitable for women. All the levers, switches etc. are arranged so that women can use them easily. Many mechanical systems have been replaced by electronic switches for ease of use. 

By using a semi-synchronous transmission system, the desired performance is achieved at the lowest cost. The strong construction, equipped with the necessary covers and protective devices, protects the tractor against mud and water. The control and display panel is adapted to the needs of agriculture. The press release states that the tractor is equipped with a best-in-class hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of 500 kg or more. This means that in addition to field work, the tractor can also lift the necessary equipment for towing. The tractor can bear a trailer with a load capacity of 1.8 tons at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The CSIR-CMERI team used a prismatic cell lithium-ion battery for its deep discharge capability in agricultural applications. The developers also offered a port called V2L (Vehicle-to-Load). This allows the tractor battery to be used for other secondary applications such as pumping or watering when the tractor is not running. The technology of that tractor was licensed to KN Bioscience, a Hyderabad-based company known for its Kushal brand of tractors, to take it to the ground and into mass production.

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