Consumer Protection Minister Rohit Singh warns Myanmar’s pulse exporters against taking undue advantage.

While the government has been working to achieve self-sufficiency in pulses by 2027, it does not want to be dependent on any country for import requirements or be dictated by any cartel on the price front. Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Singh has warned Myanmar importers and exporters that excessive prices will rise, and that the government is working with Brazil and Argentina to increase imports of pulses, especially urad (black gram). Speaking to Global Pulses Confederation Pulses 24 (GPC)In a three-day event organized by India in collaboration with Nafed at a global conference, Singh said the government is working with Brazil and Argentina to avoid dependence on a single supplier country. 0.88 million tons of turpe (pigeon peas) and 0.60 million tons of urad, which mostly came from Myanmar.

Take advantage

He also expressed concern that suppliers from Myanmar and East African countries are trying to take advantage of the situation. “So I also want to warn them appropriately. Don’t take us for granted. We have mechanisms in place to manage this. As long as you make a reasonable profit, we are with you. But if you want to game the system or take undue advantage, we will pursue you”, Singh said. The secretary further said that India produces about 28 tonnes of pulses but also consumes the same amount. “But it is a little. difference due to the composition of production and consumption. The difference is due to the higher consumption of masur, tur and urad,” he said.

“The last two years have been difficult. due to weather disruptions, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions around the world. Despite these challenges, we have tried to ensure that consumers get pulses at the right price. This prompted us to launch the Bharat brand of wheat flour, rice and dal. This is the first time that the government is intervening in the retail market because so far our intervention was only in the wholesale market. Singh emphasized that the government has a consistent trade policy in importing pulses so that farmers can stabilize the produce markets for India.

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