Earlier in the season, ethanol supply constraints helped India’s sugar production reach 22.4 million tonnes.

Indian sugar mills produced 223.68 lakh tonnes (lt) of sugar in the period ending February 15 to October 1, 2023, down 2.5 percent from 229.37 liters a year ago, according to Indian Sugar and Bio. – About the breakup of the Energy Manufacturers Association (ISMA) and the government’s restriction of ethanol. By mid-April, production figures will be clearer as by then all sugar or sugarcane probabilities will be known, officials said. The total number of factories operating as of February 15 this year was 505, up from 502 a year ago ISMA said in a statement.

In Karnataka, Maharashtra 22 units closed

“Factory closures have started in Maharashtra and Karnataka this season. 22 factories have been closed in these two states this year. , while 23 factories have been closed . on the same date last year,” ISMA said. State producer Maharashtra’s sugar production fell to 79.45 liters compared to 85.93 liters a year ago. Similarly, production in the third largest producer Karnataka fell from 46.05 liters to 43.20 liters. However, sugar production in Uttar Pradesh, the largest producer of sugarcane, was higher at 67.77 liters till February 15, compared to 61.20 liters a year ago. ISMA also said sugar production in Gujarat fell by 6.85 liters 7.31 and in Tamil Nadu 4.50 lt from 5.59 lt. Other states including Bihar, Haryana and Punjab produced a total of 21.91 liters compared to 23.29 liters a year ago.

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