Export demand is driving up the prices of some orthodox tea varieties at the Kochi sale

Improved export demand pushed up the prices of certain orthodox tea varieties by an average of about ₹10 at the Kochi auctions.  Auctioneers Forbes, Ewart, and Figgis said sales of Nilgiri whole and broken leaves at 38 were steady and sometimes ₹5-10 higher. There was good demand in all business sectors, including large packers and exporters. The quantity offered was 3,43,672 kg and the sales percentage was 80. 

 The dust is falling 

 However, in the CTC dust, prices fell as supply increased to 10,96,500 kilograms, of which 79 percent was sold. The market was volatile and lower by ₹1-2,  especially for low, medium, and regular browner teas. Blenders used a total of 62 percent of the  CTC volume sold. 

 The market for Orthodox dust was stable, exporters took the offer in a small amount, 3500 kilograms. The average price realization fell by ₹ 3 to ₹ 132 from last week’s ₹ 135.

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