FarMart will launch its products at ONDC

Food and agricultural technology company FarMart has announced the launch of ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce). In a statement, FarMart said it will use the ONDC network to serve food companies in India with readily available quality ingredients. Through this collaboration, FarMart and ONDC will together redefine the food  chain landscape by seamlessly connecting food value chains across the country and creating seamless connections between food manufacturers and producers  across the country. 

 FarMart recently filled an online B2B  order for 5,000 kg of flour. It currently has more than 25 SKUs (stock keeping units) of processed products ranging from  food grain varieties, oilseeds, spices and pulses to food businesses, and this partnership will enable food businesses across the country to use FarMart products. A large network with more than 2000 more than 2000 processors. Makes it more flexible 

 Quoting FarMart founder and CEO Alekh Sanghera said, “FarMart’s mission is to make food value chains more sustainable, reliable and rewarding for humanity. Dropshipping at ONDC is an important part of our distribution strategy because it allows us to seamlessly connect agriculture to communities to food and finally to end consumers, ensuring traceability. 

 Anjali Bansal, Founder and CEO said, “Having served on the board of FarMart and ONDC, this news brings me immense joy and pride. This collaboration will improve access to the food chain for farmers, small businesses and consumers. This is an important step in the digitization, traceability and efficiency of global food chains direction.

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