Farmers Union rejects proposal to give five-year MSP guarantee, asks government to shift cooking oil import costs to Indian farmers.

A day after Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) announced its decision, the Centre’s proposal was also rejected by the joint committee of SKM (Non-Political) and Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh, who are leading the current farmers’ agitation. five-year guarantee for procurement of five crops in the coastal rural areas and decided to continue the march to Delhi. However, the Center has already introduced a program for procurement of sorghum and maize crops and is likely to extend it. him to Urid, Masur and later. three estate laws. The government had to cancel three laws because several farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh staged a year-long protest.

To try to find a solution to the current agitation among farmers due to the legal demand. To enforce the implementation of the spatial plan of the maritime area, the center proposed to buy cotton, maize, turnip, urad and masur directly from the farmers of the maritime area without quantitative restrictions for five years. It has not committed to making a law that farmers want to make it mandatory for private traders to buy at least at the reference price. Issuing a video message after the talks of famous leaders, SKM (non-political) leader. Abhimanyu Kohar said, “We have unanimously decided to reject the government’s proposals after analyzing every aspect in detail.

He said the government had said the cost would be ₹ 1.25-1.5 lakh if ​​all the pulses get it. But all agricultural economists say that the total expenditure in the government’s account will be ₹ 1.5-1.75 lakh if ​​the mandatory MSP guarantee is implemented. Furthermore, Kohar wondered why the government did not say that it will spend ₹ 1.75 lakh in the year. foreign currency paid annually to domestic farmers for importing cooking oil. “If the government is really sincere about Atmanirbhar, all these agricultural products should not be imported and the same amount of money should be spent in India. Secondly, he said there is a condition in the Centre’s proposal. that only those farmers will benefit from the spatial extent of the marine area if they switch from another crop to one of the five crops to which the scheme is applicable. “This means that the cotton grower is not sure that he will buy his cotton from the MSP, and only if the grower of other crops switches to cotton will he benefit.

“We want the law to ensure . 23rd purchase of the crop by the government imposing MSP,” he said, adding that the farmers would resume their march from the Punjab-Haryana border posts to Delhi at 11 am on Wednesday. He also appealed to farmers to join the two border crossings by February 21. The leftist SKM consolidated its stance and rejected the proposals, saying that the demands were common and would benefit all farmers, although the government negotiated with one . a group of farmers’ unions and shared proposals with them.

SKM director Darshan Pal Singh told the media that the government is trying to split farmers’ unions because the current proposal related to crop diversification diluted the two essential requirements of legally guaranteed MSPs and the Swaminathan formula.

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