FCI has spent ₹ 2.19 crore in 2023 to procure nearly 102 million tonnes of food grains directly from farmers

Food Corporation of India (FCI) has spent ₹ 2.19 lakh to purchase 765.66 lakh tonnes of paddy wheat and 262.02 liters of wheat in 2023, benefiting 125 lakh farmers. ₹ 2,19,140 crore has been directly credited to farmers’ bank accounts in 2023, FCI said in a statement. Commenting on the new initiative, FCI President and CEO Ashok Meena said that 2023 was a significant year in FCI’s efforts to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in its operations. In addition to reducing waste in storage and transportation, although this has been going on for the past decade, a grain analyzer based on artificial intelligence (AI) has been launched. 

The grain analyzer is ready to increase transparency and efficiency in the evaluation of food grain quality during the procurement process, he explained. This development complements the chemical-based solution based on rice assessment introduced in 2021-2022, which mainly aims to combat the problem of rice recycling.1.4 liters of recycled rice was identified and rejected after the chemical-based solution was introduced, FCI said. GPS, Vehicle Tracking System (VLTS) is already in place to ensure real-time tracking of FCI food trucks at its subdivisions for real-time scheduling of deliveries, Maintaining food quality is an integral part of FCI’s comprehensive activities, where scientific preservation and regular quality control measures play a central role. 

“FCI has given up all open scientific storage facilities and added nearly 100 liters of modern silos with the help of public-private collaboration. At present, FCI and government agencies store about 762 liters of wheat and rice supplies in covered research facilities/warehouses and silos scientifically maintained by highly qualified professionals adhering to FSSAI norms”, ​​the agency said. Every corner of the country, FCI transported 450 .83 Tonnes on an average distance of 1200 km, ensuring quick response to the needs of the consumer areas. FCI distributed 263 liters of wheat and 411 liters of wheat rice under PMGKAY and other welfare schemes. To protect the interest of consumers in food against price rise, it downloaded an additional 55.11 through weekly online auctions in the open market.liters of wheat and 1.43 liters of rice.

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