FCI sales receipts rose in wheat prices as 1.66 lakh tonnes were sold at ₹ 2,151-2,170/quintal in the latest e-auction.

The state-owned Food Corporation of India (FCI) last week sold  in the 11th  e-auction held under the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS)  announced by the government in June. to check retail prices.  In the electronic auction held for the 11th time on September 6, a total of 2 liters of wheat from 500 warehouses and 4.89 liters of rice from 337 warehouses were offered  across the country, the  Ministry of Nutrition announced on Monday. The weighted average selling price was ₹ 2,169.65 a quintal against the all-India minimum price of ₹ 2,150 for FAQ wheat (fair and medium quality) and the weighted average selling price of Under Relaxed Specifications (URS) wheat was ₹ 2,150.86 against its reserve price of ₹ 2,125.

 Flat wholesale prices 

 The weighted average selling price of rice was ₹ 2,956.19 per quintal against the base price of ₹ 2,952.27 per quintal. The government also said the all-India average retail price of wheat stood at ₹ 30/kg and atta (wheat flour) at ₹ 35.62/kg on September 10, compared with ₹ 30.39 for wheat and ₹ 35.72 per atta a year ago.  But the retail price of rice is higher at ₹ 42.26/kg compared to ₹ 37.44 a year ago.  In August, the government announced it would offload an additional 50 liters of wheat and 25 liters of rice to wholesale buyers from the central pool of the open market to curb grain prices.

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