From farm to kitchen: WayCool helps entrepreneurs and larger companies

WayCool’s business is an attempt to formalize the agricultural supply chain, an $800 billion business that was largely in the hands of the unorganized sector. Of the 800 billion dollars, almost 40 percent of the value is added in the supply chain, i.e. after harvesting be it onion, apple or dhal. Three quarters of agricultural products are sold through stores, the rest through HoReCal – hotels, restaurants and catering – which usually eat products in poor condition that the consumer does not take from store shelves. The market for packaged agricultural products is worth approximately $10 billion. Supply chain formalization adds value because processing is often best done overnight to maintain product freshness. The industry is disorganized due to a lack of transparency, inefficiency and complexity of the supply chain, which accounts for nearly 35 percent of food waste.

 “Just as people look for the Intel Inside logo when buying a personal computer, our brand should be looked for on the packaging”, If a company wants to sell a dry clamp without investing in a factory, WayCool can help. For example, a one-person company does not need to waste time buying, classifying and labeling products. All of this can be left to WayCool, while the entrepreneur or business can focus on branding and sales. WayCool’s CM division handles the entire value chain, from sourcing raw materials from various sources to quality control, cleaning, grading, packaging and labeling with the customer’s name and logo, he said.WayCool’s CM provides services to more than 100 clients, helping them launch and scale core brands. It has more than 250 products and more than 500 variations. The factories in Hosur, Bengaluru, Bagalkot and Chennai pack 50 grams to 50 kg. “We pack about 2 million parcels every month across all units”, Manogaran said..

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