FSSAI clarifies that addition of protein binding agents to dairy products is not allowed

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on Thursday clarified that the addition of protein binding agents to milk and milk products is not allowed. Additives  not  specified in  Food  Standards and Dietary Supplements 2011 cannot be added, the release states. Sources said the clarification comes at a time when some players are adding protein binding agents to give dairy products such as curd a thicker texture.

“Binding agents have become important and required ingredients in the preparation of many new foods, especially semi-solid or solid foods. However, it is known that such use affects the digestibility of the bound protein  and  can therefore affect the digestibility. The biological and nutritional value of milk proteins. Protein binding also affects the bioavailability and distribution of active ingredients,” FSSAI” said in a notification.

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