GCMMF has invested ₹ 11,500 crore to expand operations in six states: MD.

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the apex body of Amul-branded milk cooperatives, will invest ₹ 11,500 crore over the next three years, which will include setting up milk processing and ice cream plants in Goa, Maharashtra, our milk unions are setting up modern dairies in various states,” said GCMMF CEO Jayen Mehta. Mehta was at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Wednesday, where he came to see the preparations for the golden jubilee celebrations of the GCMMF, which is expected to be attended by more than 1.25 million dairy farmers across the state.

Future Investments

According to Mehta, GCMMF’s future investments will focus on installing milk coolers in villages, state-of-the-art processing in dairies and developing new products. Asked which geographical areas the investment is targeting, the official said, “Banas Dairy is setting up a factory in Varanasi, which will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 23. Sabar Dairy is setting up a similar dairy in Rohtak (Haryana). It is also close to a grand opening. Our Panchmahal Dairy is setting up a milk processing plant in Ujjain while Bharuch Dairy is setting up in Mumbai. Our Surat-based dairy is setting up a new plant in Goa, while Amul’s ice cream plants are being set up in Pune and Kolkata.

GCMMF is an umbrella organization comprising 18 regional dairy federations and is expected to cross Rs 80,000 crore. in revenue this fiscal year. Founded in 1973-74, the association collects an average of 300,000 liters of milk every day from more than 36 million members. In 2022-23, GCMMF had a turnover of ₹72,000 crore. During the year, the sales volumes of Amul fresh milk, GCMMF’s largest product category, increased by 20 percent. In the same year, Amul ice creams grew by a record 40 percent, while Amul milk-based beverages grew by 34 percent and Amul or 19 percent. “GCMMF is the world’s largest farmer-owned dairy cooperative. In the following 10 years, India is expected to get a third of all the milk of the world, and Amul has an opportunity to become the diaries of the world,” Mehta added.

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