Government monitors agriculture news with AI, launches Krishi 24/7

The Union Ministry of Agriculture has invited a private company to track and monitor agriculture news across the country even in regional languages. Experts hail the move as a good initiative but warned the government to regularly assess biases and differences. information.  “Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in collaboration with Wadhwani Institute of Artificial Intelligence (Wadhwani AI) has developed Krishi 24/7, the first ever AI-powered solution for automated monitoring and analysis of agricultural news powered by”. The Ministry of Agriculture announced on November 6. “Krishi 24/7 will help the government identify relevant news, generate timely alerts, and take quick action to protect farmers’ interests and promote sustainable agricultural growth through better decision-making”, the ministry said. 

Jaipur-based analyst Rituraj Tiwari said it is good to see the government implementing AI in sectors like agriculture, which can grow tremendously with the help of technology. “Retrieving every news item and then disseminating it to the relevant areas will definitely empower farmers, agriculture experts, and policymakers,” Tiwari said.


    On the other hand, food policy expert S Chandrasekaran said that using an AI-based solution for automated monitoring and analysis of agricultural news is a trend-setting initiative in policy-making. However, the final result depends on choosing the right learning model, a representative training dataset, and performance monitoring with real data, he added.  “Given that the analysis is used to inform policy, especially for food security,  continuous observations at regular intervals and continuous checks for bias and variance are essential,”  According to the Ministry, the introduction of Krishi 24/7 meets the need for an efficient mechanism to identify and manage agricultural news articles of interest to facilitate timely decision-making. The tool scans news articles in multiple languages ​​and translates them into English while extracting relevant information from the articles using a headline, clip names, event type, date, location, and severity. This will ensure that the Ministry has up-to-date information about relevant events published online.

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