Group CEO Namdhari Roopra said climate change brings many challenges to the agricultural sector.

Gurmukh Roopra, CEO of Namdhari Group, said that climate change poses many top challenges in the agricultural sector, of which the main challenges are changing weather conditions and future land availability. “As the climate changes, weather conditions continue to change. We are essentially a farming country, dependent on rain. Therefore, much of our agriculture depends on rainfall patterns and climate change. So rain is delayed, seeding practices change and this will affect when the crop goes into the ground. This will impact the entire ecosystem,” he told the industry in an online interaction. The country has experienced “significant heat” at this point in 2022 and this has affected the wheat harvest, causing yields to drop by 15 to 20%. The rains were delayed later that year and due to rainfall during harvest, pesticide and crop management costs increased for farmers. Even so, output is still lower. “Now you know these are the real challenges that climate change brings to agriculture in the farming community,” Roopra said.

Three verticals

Namdhari has three verticals. One of these is the seed sector, which works to develop resilient varieties and solutions for farmers. It then has a production company that produces and works with farmers on a commercial basis with fresh produce linked to markets for export and other channels. 

Third is retail.

In terms of its retail business, Roopra said the company offers “a very differentiated product”. Much of that is a result of a lot of the work she does in agricultural ecosystems. “We typically offer 50 to 60 percent more fruit and vegetables than most of our competitors, and the concept is all about freshness. Namdhari’s also has an on-site cafe, where a variety of fresh ingredients and recipe-prepared products allow guests to enjoy a number of products. Currently, it is present in Bengaluru and has just entered Hyderabad. “We are looking to mobilize private or external investment in our retail business and we believe this partnership is something we are looking at to enhance our capabilities,” Roopra said. our capabilities as a multi-channel player, both offline and also to increase our online capabilities.

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