IIHR is installing a modern seed analysis system with the   support of HAL

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research and the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-IIHR) have partnered with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd to set up a seed testing center equipped with extensive automation at the factory processing level. ICAR Director General Himanshu Pathak inaugurated the new facility, which will double IIHR’s seed processing capacity from the current 40 tonnes to approximately 100 tonnes per annum. HAL has funded a new seed processing unit as part of its CSR mandate. The new HAL-ICAR-IIHR seed production center will expand the existing processing infrastructure for rapid seed processing and reduce the dependence on labor, making the process cost-effective and efficient. The new facility will include processing machinery such as seed coaters, paint dryers and sorters, and automatic bag filling machines. Vegetable and flower seeds The new facility will add to ICAR-IIHR a large quantity of quality seeds of selected vegetables and flower varieties/hybrids and help increase its market share. IIHR sells about 60% of its seeds online, including in the hilly areas of the northeastern parts of the country. Pathak said that the IIHR-HAL collaboration is the first of its kind between an ICAR institution and industry and there will be many more such partnerships in the future. ICAR has decided to collaborate with the private sector and is planning joint projects in research, training and development.

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