India announces grading rules for 5 premium Bengal non-basmati rice varieties.

The Ministry of Agriculture has notified grading and marketing rules for five premium non-basmati rice varieties from West Bengal: Gobindobhog, Tulaipanji, Kataribhog, Kalonunia and Radhunipagal. Accordingly, authorized packers are required to establish their own laboratories or use authorized laboratories to test the quality of rice, which will be done for the first time for non-domestic rice varieties. Basmati. For domestic trade, packers have to follow FSSAI norms and for exports, they have to comply with residue limits set by the Codex Alimentarius Commission or importing countries, according to an announcement made last week by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Promulgating the Non-Basmati Fragrant Rice Classification and Marking Rules, 2024, the Ministry said the objections and suggestions received from stakeholders have been duly considered. The draft regulations were notified in October last year and stakeholders were asked to give their views within 45 days.

Purity assurance

“Rice shall be packaged in suitable packaging material as prescribed by the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2018, Safety and Standards Regulations Food (Labeling and Display), 2018 ), 2020 and Legal Metrology (Packaged Goods Rules, 2011,” it said. Additionally, materials classified into small packets fall under the same batch and quality may be packed in the master container with complete details on it along with a quality designation mark. Each package must contain rice of the same type and quality designation. To ensure purity of these five varieties, as in the case of Basmati, the government has said that validation of rice varieties will be done by polymerase chain reaction testing, The government has also prescribed detailed specifications for each variety, which mentions the minimum requirements such as short or long grain type, the amount of natural aroma that the grain possesses, the characteristics of the variety both in raw and cooked form, must be free. from artificial colors, polishes, artificial perfumes and any other chemicals.

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