India plans to lift the onion export ban but may limit supplies to 3,000 tonnes.

The Center decided to cancel the onion export ban but to limit the shipments. Farmers, however, say the decision will benefit more traders. Bharti Pawar, Union Minister of State and Member of Parliament from Nashik, announced the Centre’s decision to lift the ban on onion exports. Representing Dindori (Nashik rural district), Pawar told local media that the conditions, including the extent of the ceiling, will be clarified in a future government notification as the ban is lifted. According to sources, the government will allow the export of up to 3,000 tonnes of onions. The ruling BJP Shiv Sena, National Congress Party (NCP) Maharashtra government welcomed the move, saying the Union Cabinet Group of Ministers ( GoM). ) headed by Home Minister Amit Shah has decided to lift the ban on onion exports. According to these leaders, they want to formalize the decision made in Sunday’s meeting with a detailed announcement within a few days. The onion export ban was introduced on December 7, 2023. It was to be valid till March 31 to meet domestic onion demand and stabilize wholesale prices.

Traders are stockpiling

Onion growers in Nashik have expressed concern over the reasons behind the suspension of onion production. After the ban, most farmers already sold their produce cheaply to traders. They believe that the decision to cancel the ban will mainly benefit traders who supplied onions. Onions in the state criticized the government’s handling of the situation. This questioned the logic of imposing and then lifting the ban. Farmers called the decision illogical and say it has severely affected their livelihoods. The president of the association Bharat Dig Hole said that more than 90 percent of the red onion crop has already been sold. He emphasized that if the government will lift the export ban for the benefit of farmers, it should do so without imposing export conditions.

Demand of traders

Traders in Nashik expressed their uncertainty about the government’s decision to end the export conditions. export ban ban on onion export as they are still waiting for official notification. Many traders said they are still unaware of the details of the decision. Traders have expressed concern about the export process and are demanding that the government end the ban on all traders, instead of allowing only intergovernmental exports. They argue that this would allow greater flexibility and benefit a wider range of operators in the market.

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