Indian onion export ban: Farmers demand explanation as top official denies removing curbs.

With the consumer protection minister refuting Union external affairs minister Bharati Pawar, Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde and other ministers that the Center has lifted the ban on onion exports, farmers and traders in India’s onion hub Nashik are seeking explanation of the matter. They called on the government to clarify its position to avoid further damage from variation in onion price and supply. In recent days, politicians including Bharati Pawar, who represents the Dindori Lok Sabha constituency in Nashik, and Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde reiterated. to other cabinet colleagues that the Center has decided to lift the ban on onion exports. Politicians even congratulated the union government for this decision.

Export ban not lifted

Despite previous reports suggesting the ban would be lifted, the Center has clarified that the onion export ban will remain in effect until March 31. Consumer protection minister Rohit Kumar Singh told the media that the ban will remain in place. The export of onions has been banned from December 8, 2023 to March 31 this year to ensure a sufficient supply of onions at a reasonable price for the domestic consumer. The government’s decision was influenced by factors such as the delay in the arrival of kharifs, the amount of onions exported and the global situation, including trade and non-trade restrictions imposed by major suppliers. Farmer organizations are on the front line\ n “We condemn the government’s decision to keep the export ban. Onion growers are united and we will show power to the government,” Maharashtra Onion Growers Association president Bharat Dighole said.

Shetkari Sanghatana leaders even after Sunday’s meeting said the union government had not issued a notification to lift the ban and was playing with the emotions of farmers who suffered huge losses due to the export ban. Meanwhile, onion farmers in the state questioned political leaders who said the government had decided to lift the export ban. “Politicians and ministers should explain why they misled farmers on this issue,” said SP Paigude, a farmer.

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