Madhur Sugar, Robin Hood Army distribute ration kits in Delhi

Recently, Madhur Sugar in partnership with Robin Hood Army distributed ration packs and festive sweets to several households as part of the ‘Madhur Utsav’ program at 13 locations in Delhi.  It was reported in the media that this joint venture brought together around 80-90 dedicated Robin Hood Army volunteers and more than 100 “Madhuri Captains” in 13 locations. 

  Spreading sweetness  

  Quoting Ravi Gupta, CEO of Madhur Sugar,  owned by Shree Renuka Sugars, the statement said, “We at Madhur Sugar believe in spreading sweetness around us. Madhur Utsav is a step in that direction. We are working on a unique concept by inviting volunteer Madhur. Captains to be the driving force behind this mission. We plan to continue this initiative across the country throughout the year. The main objective of the campaign was to encourage people to participate in this act of generosity and the response from the community was overwhelming as they came in large numbers to add sweetness to the lives of the less fortunate, it said.  Robin Hood’s Army is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that works to obtain food scraps from restaurants and the community to serve the less fortunate, the statement said.

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