Marut Drones AG365 introduced to farmers in Maharashtra

Government of Maharashtra  in association with Marut Drones  introduced Maruti AG365 drones to farmers in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde presented these drones to the farmers and said that it is a positive step towards  technological advancement in agriculture. The Maruti AG365S is the first and only drone in Buldhana under  SMAM (Agricultural Mechanization Mission). This could  lead to improved farming practices, increased productivity and better crop management for Buldhana farmers, Maruti said in a statement. 

 The SMAM scheme, which aims to promote and strengthen agricultural mechanization, is an important initiative in the modernization of agriculture across India. By introducing the Maruti AG365S Multi-Purpose Drone to farmers under this program, the Maharashtra Agriculture Department is educating  farmers about the benefits and applications of drone technology. In a statement, Prem Kumar Vislawath, CEO, Marut Drones, said, Maruti’s technology is reaching remote areas to address a crisis plaguing the farming community. The Maruti AG365 has been designed and developed for Indian conditions and can be used for multiple purposes. It provides farmers a better return on investment.

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