Mills in Maharashtra are expecting an extended sugarcane crushing season.

Sugar mills in Maharashtra are gearing up for a longer crushing season, which is expected to last until April, with an expected output of around 95,000 tonnes of sugar. Until the end of January, a considerable amount of 676,000 tons of sugar cane was crushed in the factories of the state, from which 65,000 tons of sugar were obtained. Industry experts predict that activity will continue over the next two months, benefiting from increased sugarcane availability, aided by seasonal rains that have boosted crop growth.

Factory restrictions

B.B. Thombare, president of the West India Sugar Mills Association, said the mills are ready to receive continuous supply of sugarcane in the next 50-60 days. That flood is expected to involve more than 300 lakh tons of sugarcane that needs to be crushed. Interestingly, unregistered sugarcane also finds its way into the mills because it is produced by seasonal rains. However, this unexpected increase in cane supply led to a shortage of cane cutters, highlighting the challenges of dynamic agricultural conditions.

In addition, due to regulations, mills are limited in converting sugar to ethanol production. The prevailing conditions, including favorable weather and abundant sugar cane, contribute to the positive outlook. The extended crushing season, aided by seasonal rains, has been a boon for Maharashtra’s sugar industry, contributing to higher production levels and economic activity in the region, industry officials said.

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