NABARD Field Millet Conclave 2023 Encouraging Farmers to Increase Millet Yield: Experts

Encouragement of millet farmers, innovations in agronomy and focus on marketing are the main factors to increase production and consumption, according to experts. “Between 1950-55 and 2020, miliaria declined ‘significantly’ while productivity increased by about 2.5 times,” said T. E. Nagaraja, Professor and Director of Plant Breeding (Minor Myes), ICAR. at the Millets Conclave 2023 panel discussion on “Yield Improvement of Millets” NABARD and the field of action on Friday. He attributed the increase in productivity to high-yielding varieties. APEDA and Too Good are conclave partners. 

  According to G. V. Ramanjaneyulu, executive director of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture and director of the Deccan Development Society, it is also important to understand the productivity of the millet system  rather than crop-specific productivity. Noting that rice receives huge support from politics and government, he said, “If farmers do not achieve sustainability, millet cannot be sustainable.” 

 Sobhan Sajja, Principal Scientist, Crop Improvement Operations, ICRISAT, said motivating producers is crucial to improving yields. “We have a gene pool and can bring in variable genetic plasmids to meet the challenges of declining nutrition and yield”. 

 If you want to get more for less, genetics may be the answer. It can help find answers to challenges such as drought and rising temperatures. The support of the manufacturing industry is also needed.  

 Climate change 

  The threat of climate change is increasing. Reduce agricultural emissions  and help farmers adapt to climate change. Millet is more effective in this regard. The soil must also  be protected. Risk protection is crucial and new insurance models  should be developed along with disaster compensation, Ramajaneyulu said. On  availability of seeds, Nagaraja said, “We need to create national food missions to produce quality seeds and other inputs should reach farmers better.”  Millets can be grown in all regions that need to be collected and tested.

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