Ninjacart implements technical solutions for Brazilian agricultural company Arado

Agritech startup Ninjacart has announced a partnership with Brazilian agricultural marketplace Arado, formerly known as Clicampo. The deal brings Ninjacart’s technology platform, supply chain management solutions and consulting services to the Brazilian market. 

 With the introduction of the technological solution, it is hoped to optimize the functions of Arado’s supply chain, make operations more efficient and minimize waste. By creating seamless connections between farmers, retailers and consumers, this partnership will set a new benchmark for the agricultural sector in Brazil, especially in key cities such as Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Sao Paulo. 

The partnership is  part of Ninjacart’s acclaimed NinjaVentures initiative, a global mission  to share its technological expertise, knowledge and skills with emerging startups working to transform agricultural supply chains.  Over the past six years, Ninjacart has developed a complete technology platform and built a highly scalable data architecture to track inventory movements in real time. The company said it has served thousands of farmers, retailers and merchants across the country and has established itself as a pioneer in  the agribusiness industry. 

 Kartheeswaran K K, Founder and CEO of Ninjacart, said, Our strategic alliance with Arado embodies our vision to disrupt agribusiness globally. We are excited to share our technology and consulting services to enable startups in Brazil and beyond to build efficient and sustainable supply chains. “This agreement with Ninjacart allows us to expand our services in the market. By leveraging Ninjacart’s advanced technologies and consulting services, we aim to add value to the agricultural sector in Brazil and beyond”.

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