Ninjacart partners with Entlaq to support Egypt’s agricultural sector.

Cairo-based entrepreneurship think tank Entlaq has entered into a strategic alliance with agritech startup Ninjacart. The alliance will focus on identifying and supporting promising agricultural businesses in Egypt and providing them with Ninjacart’s cutting-edge technology platform, supply chain management solutions and specialized consulting services. The partnership specifically focuses on efficient supply chain management through advanced technology, connecting farmers directly to the Egyptian market. Ninjacart said in a statement.

Non-Linear Growth

Ninjacart’s expansion into Egypt as part of its global NinjaVentures initiative underscores the company’s commitment to finding startups in Egypt that fit its business model. Through this partnership, Ninjacart aims to contribute to the non-linear growth of Egypt’s agricultural sector by prioritizing innovation, sustainability and efficiency. NinjaVentures, a prestigious Ninjacart initiative, is a global company dedicated to extending its technical knowledge, expertise and skills to emerging startups in various countries working to revolutionize agricultural supply chains. Kartheeswaran KK, Founder and CEO of Ninjacart said, “This partnership between Entlaq and Ninjacart clearly demonstrates Ninjacart’s commitment to the global transformation of agriculture. We are truly excited to leverage Ninjacart’s technological innovation and drive to contribute to the growth of Egypt, to foster economic growth..Our goal is to create the most reliable, efficient and inclusive agribusiness network, partnering with startups around the world, generously sharing our technical expertise.

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