No need to worry about Chana, says the government; Warns trading against market and career speculation.

The government maintains that there is no concern over the availability of Chana and has warned the pulse trade of tough action if there is an unjustified or unwarranted price increase in cod and urad in the coming days. Ministry of Consumer Protection Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said there is no problem of availability of Chana if production and buffer stocks are considered. Some passages try to show that chana is missing, what he says is wrong. “Don’t give the impression that there will be a lack of chana. Sufficient production of Chana and sufficient buffer supplies are available. There is no cause for concern on the chana front,” Singh said during a webinar organized by the Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) on the outlook for pulses for rabi in 2023-24. Sowing during Rabi is 160 lakh hectares (lh) of which chana area was about 105 lh. “Sowing this year is also the same as the five-year average.

Good availability

Chana was planted this year at 104.74 lh, which is more than the normal area of ​​100.92. lh, but less than last year’s 110.71 lh. 19.6 lh of Masuria were sown, the growth is around 13-14 percent. The production of Masur is approximately 13-14 lakh tonnes (lt) and the consumption is 20-22 litres. “This year our production of masuri is higher and availability is also good in international markets in Australia, Canada and other producing regions,” said Singh, adding that there is no concern on the masuri front. According to fields, the cultivated area decreased by 10-11 percent, and the difference between demand and supply is about 7.5-7.8 liters. Myanmar’s urate yield is good, more than 8.5 liters. “All our imports come from Myanmar. Although this is good on the one hand, it is worrying on the other. To reduce the risks, we are negotiating with Brazil and other producing countries,” he said. Imports from Brazil were 3,000 tons.

Singh further said that India has problems with Myanmar even if not. “If this speculation continues and unnecessary prices rise for irrational reasons, we may have to take tough decisions in the next 2-4 days, like making government imports mandatory.” Singh warned.

“We have been monitoring prices for the last 15 days. I am warning you that if the speculation continues on cod and urad, which is unnecessary and has nothing to do with supply and demand, we will be very tough,” Singh said.  Government bought TU in the market which exceeds MSP. “We have already bought about 300 tons,” he said. The government is also trying to get an estimate of the demand and supply of pulses, Singh said, adding that the scope for technology and innovation is very large.

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