Onion growers are preparing to close the market

Onion producers in Maharashtra are gearing up for a massive market shutdown to protest the Union government’s onion marketing and export policy. Led by farmers in Nashik, the onion production center of the district, the agitated farmers have held several meetings over the past few weeks to plan their approach. Their main complaint is the government’s alleged indifference to their demands. Farmers are expressing their displeasure, saying they are disrupting the onion market to draw attention to what they say is the government’s failure to address their concerns. The plan is to stop the supply of onions to the market and boycott the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC). 

Farmers’ leader Nana Bacchav emphasized that despite repeated requests to the government to address the problems raised by farmers, there is no evidence or response. According to Bacchav, the government’s policy, exacerbated by the recent export ban, has caused major setbacks for onion growers who are already struggling with the consequences of massive damage to onion warehouses. Farmers in Nashik are particularly worried about the sharp fall in onion prices, which fell from ₹ 2,000 per quintal to just ₹ 100 per quintal in the first week of December. The export ban has worsened the situation, resulting in an estimated loss of 1,200 kroner to onion producers, farmers said. Farmers are now demanding government intervention to compensate for this major economic setback. This discontent is not limited to Nashik as the farmers are doing a nationwide agitation. By holding meetings in various areas, they are trying to ensure that when the agitation is launched, no farmer brings onions to the market, effectively shutting down the onion supply chain across the country.

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