Rallis India markets 3 products.

Agricultural inputs company Rallis India Ltd has expanded its CSM (Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing) portfolio through marketing 2023-24. three new products in the fiscal year.

The media release states that these new products contain one medium, active ingredients and formulations. Two of the three products will be manufactured at Rallis India’s new manufacturing facilities in Dahej.

Rallis India Ltd. Managing Director Sanjiv Lalia said in a statement, “The expansion of our CSM portfolio reflects our strategic commitment to the chemical industry behind our recent investment in Dahej. These new product successes and customer acquisitions reinforce the confidence that Rallis India has in the growing number. of Japanese and other global agrochemical companies.”

Processing Complex Chemicals

S Nagarajan, CEO of Rallis India Ltd, said the launch of these new products is a testament to the company’s advanced process development, scale and manufacturing capabilities for complex chemicals and next-generation sustainable formulations. “It is also a testament to our ability to work closely and openly with customers. offering quality products at the right price while adhering to our strict EHS standards,” said Nagarajan.

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