Rallis launches a tool to simplify the supply chain in the seed and plant care industry.

Rallis India Ltd, a Tata-based company and a leading player in India’s agricultural input industry, has launched Plan Guru, a tool to streamline supply chain operations in plant care and seed divisions. This is a significant step in creating integrated end-to-end business planning, response and supply planning processes for domestic and international companies, the company said in a statement.

Sanjiv Lal, Rallis India Ltd. CEO said: “Plan Guru brings change to the entire supply chain management (SCM) and helps improve individual skills. Moving away from manual processes and towards digitally integrated planning, our goal is to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration throughout the supply chain. This transition from personal design and independent data views to more detailed design mutual with dependent data views is significant. It paves the way for greater efficiency and more informed decision-making”.

Nagarajan S, CEO, Rallis India Ltd. while developing the platform said, “Plan Guru helps us manage market disruptions more effectively as digitization brings more visibility. in the supply chain. With digitized real-time simulations of various scenarios, we are better able to anticipate challenges, reduce risks and keep workflow consistent. This tool helps us optimize inventory and maximize customer service. It thus helps build stronger relationships and improve facility utilization and optimize invested capital”

This powerful tool drives an organization’s digital supply chain transformation, fosters collaboration, optimizes planning scenarios, improves decision making, and ultimately takes SCM to a new level. effectiveness and efficiency.

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