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Lower than normal rainfall is expected in Punjab and Haryana, but paddy may not be affected as it is grown only in irrigated areas and the location of the reservoir is also favorable. The water level in 10 reservoirs in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan was 16.239 billion cubic meters (BCM) or 83% of reservoir capacity as on August 31, compared to the 10-year average of 79% of capacity during this period. The total area under Kharif cultivation reached 98.7% of the normal area of ​​1,091.73 lh, more than 0.4%. More than a year ago, the area of ​​all kharif crops reached 1,077.82 lakh compared to 1,073.22 lakh a year ago.

This year, the area under cultivation of Arhar (pigeon pea), moong (green gram) and urad (black gram) is less due to shift to cotton and soya in many states. The total area covered by legumes decreased by 8.8% from 115.49 lh to 105.32 lh. Moong was covered with 30.98 lh (-7.7%), Urad with 31.68 lh (-13.6%) and Arhar with 42 lh. The soybean area was 125.13 lh, an increase of 1% from 123.91 lh a year ago. The area under peanut cultivation continues to decrease compared to the previous year. This is currently estimated to be 43.37 lh versus 45 lh, a decrease of 3.6%. The area under the castor increased by 17.5% to 8.53 lh instead of 7.26 lh as it is mainly grown in Gujarat where rainfall deficit was 90% in August. Kharif cotton consumption declined by 2.1% to 122.99 lh from 125.63 lh a year ago. However, in cash crops, the sugarcane share increased by 7.7% and stood at 59.91 lh (from 55.65 lh). The area under coarse and nutritious grains increased by 1.1% from 179.13 lh to 181.06 lh after farmers increased sowing of bajra, ragi and maize. The area of ​​Bajra was 70.81 lh compared to 70.41 lh and corn was up 2.7% to 82.86 lh compared to 80.66 lh. Jowar area decreased by 9.7% from 15.57 lh to 14.06 lh and ragi area increased by 5.2% from 8.13 lh against 7.73 lh.

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