Roots Foundation, Pi Industries Initiates Sahyog-project.

Roots Foundation and Pi Industries have launched Project Sahyog to create awareness among farmers in Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh about various farming methods with a focus on environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development. The Environmental Statement. said that the basis of the entire agricultural ecosystem in Punjab and Haryana is deeply rooted in chemical farming practices that differentiate these regions from the farming patterns prevailing in other parts of India. The paradigm shift caused by the Green Revolution has led to dependence on chemical-intensive agriculture and also emphasizes the critical need for judicious use of agrochemicals.

Accordingly, the main objective of Project ‘Sahyog’ is to provide advocacy and support. awareness programs to educate farmers on the benefits of proper use of agrochemicals in sustainable agriculture; develop the entrepreneurial skills of new-age farmers by renting equipment and sharing knowledge in their communities; equip farmers with efficient spraying equipment to increase productivity and yield; and train farmers to properly use sprayers, which will promote behavioral change towards sustainable practices and reduce farmers’ dependence on manual spraying operations.

Training for beneficiaries

This project has selected 100 commercial beneficiaries, including farmers, for distribution of boom sprinklers in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

All beneficiaries attended training sessions on proper use of boom sprinklers, supplemented by practical demonstrations. The project also taught farmers best agricultural practices, benefits of household sprayers, plant protection strategies, safe and responsible use of pesticides, proper disposal of chemical containers and benefits of agricultural machinery.

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