Russia turns to India for bananas, APEDA president notes dispatch.

India, the world’s largest producer of bananas, moved quickly to take advantage of the space created by Ecuador in the Latin American country in the Russian market, as a Mumbai exporter shipped 20 tonnes (1,540 boxes) of bananas from India. To Russia by sea. Gurukrupa Corporation’s Agriculture and Processed Foods Export Authority (APEDA) chairman Abhishek Dev appealed to other exporters on February 17 to use new methods to supply new products. to new destinations and full support of APEDA to facilitate such ventures.

Mumbai-based fruit and vegetable exporter Gurukrupa Corporation regularly exports fresh fruits and vegetables to the EU and Middle East markets. It sources bananas directly from farmers in Andhra Pradesh, the largest banana-producing state. After harvesting, the bananas are brought to an APEDA approved packing house in Maharashtra where they are graded, graded, packed, boxed and contained.

Marine Protocol

For the current shipment, the container was transported to JNPT for further processing. voyage to the port of Novorossiysk, Russia, with final destination Moscow. A notable feature of this shipment is that APEDA collaborated with the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture (CISH) to develop the maritime protocol for this shipment. to maintain the quality of the fruit during transportation, an official statement said. Dev said APEDA’s financial assistance scheme lays special emphasis on supporting women entrepreneurs. Russia, the world’s largest importer of bananas, has shown keen interest in sourcing tropical fruits, including bananas, from India. . Russia turned to India for bananas presumably because Ecuador (the largest supplier) turned to the United States to buy military equipment that previously had to be obtained from Russia.

“Despite being the largest producer of bananas in the world, India’s banana exports do not reflect this quantitative assessment,” the Commerce Ministry said in a statement. India’s exports account for only 1 percent of the world market, while its share of world banana production is 26.45 percent (35.36 million tons). India exported 0.36 million tonnes (mt) of bananas worth $176 million in 2022-23.

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