Safex Chemicals will launch its digital app on 1 April.

Delhi-based Safex Chemicals, which is present in all sectors of agrochemicals, will launch its digital platform – an app – from April 1, said SK Chaudhary, founder-director of the company. The chemical company is also introducing a new herbicide for soybeans and a fungicide for rice that requires less use, Chaudhary told Business Line in an online communication. Safex will start testing the app from 1 February with its own employees, before core users can download from 1 April. The application primarily provides performance advice, while Safex uses its channel partners to sell products on a business-to-business (B2B) basis.

Blend of Amazon, Facebook

Last year, Chaudhary said the company’s digital platform is “a blend of Amazon and Facebook” The platform helps manufacturers and retailers communicate directly. 2023 was a turbulent year for the agrochemical industry as many companies were in recession, although sales volumes increased as prices fell. “Stock carriers did not do well financially. It said 2023 was a cloud year globally, with sharp sales declines in Europe, Brazil and the United States.

Safex, on the other hand, had a mixed year due to the southwest monsoon. – Due to lack of rain, the rabies season was not good either and that affects the industry. The sales of our brands increased by almost 25 percent in the first two quarters, but the third quarter remained flat,” said the company’s founder and CEO.

The industry as a whole declined

Agrochemical companies with exposure to exports and international markets did poorly , while those with an India-centric business were not bad, “The performance of individual companies may be good or bad, but the agrochemical industry as a whole is declining,” said Chaudhary. North India has received little rain this year. rabies season “There has been no western disturbance in the region and there is no snow in Kashmir. Apple production will fall drastically because of this, and should decrease. “The (southwest) monsoon is expected to be normal this year. If that happens, the agriculture sector will do well,” Chaudhary said.

Cyclic Impact

Safex Chemicals brings 4-5 new molecules to market in addition to off-market products each year. “We received new herbicides that Corteva currently supplies. We entered this rice herbicide segment. They proved to be effective and gave good results,” said the founder-director of the company. Delhi based company has 3-4 products for sale in herbicides and fungicides. The company expanding its factory near Pune contributed to the launch of new products. On climate change, Chaudhary said that the agrochemical sector cannot do much about it. “Irrigation infrastructure is important. Small things can help retain soil moisture. One company has a molecule that absorbs moisture. We don’t have that molecule, but we’re trying to get one. Agriculture depends on the weather. So an industry affected by the vagaries of the weather is a common cyclical effect. “It happens in all field of life. In agriculture, things cannot be simple. It must be a wavy arc. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had such success in the industry,” said Chaudhary..

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