Salad Days will expand to Mumbai by the end of the year, and enter the B2B segment

Gurugram-based Indian delivery and takeaway chain Salad Days, which fulfills at least 30 percent of its ingredients itself, will soon set foot in Mumbai by the end of the year and also enter the business segment.   Salad Days, founded in 2014, delivers fresh salads, some of which come from its own farms and are prepared in its cloud kitchens. The company has operations in New Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and Bengaluru, and salads are delivered from 14 cloud kitchens, including two central ones.   

Looking at the new models In an online communication, the startup’s founder and CEO Varun Madan told the company’s line that the company is open to learning about newer models of selling. “We are also doing a lot of innovation in the menu and trying to fill categories where we are weaker,” he said. Salad Days does not want to set up shops in commercial premises where employees shop. “That’s not what we want to do. We want to be directly connected to organizations where they can buy from”,  Airports are one of the company’s target channels. We haven’t broken anything yet and we haven’t met anyone there. We have built a team to guide us through this, The startup is also looking at hospitals, companies, schools, and salons because “there are many opportunities in them”.   Salt Day, which has started so far, plans to raise money and has started collecting data. “I just hired an investment banker. We’re definitely looking to raise money to scale up faster because the concept is proven”.

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