Satyukt provides Zuari’s FarmHub management tools.

Agricultural technology company Satyukt has entered into a strategic alliance with Zuari’s FarmHub to provide farm management solutions. Satyukt uses an application programming interface (API) to provide insights into farm productivity optimization and resource conservation. Farmers who join Zuari’s FarmHub have access to tools and gauges that cover things like soil health, plant health, moisture and pest and disease detection. Agribusinesses and researchers connected to Zuari’s FarmHub can also use the integrated data to gain insight into regional agricultural trends and design resource allocation strategies.

Yukti Gill, Co-Founder and CEO of Satyukti said, “We are full of excitement and anticipation to embark on this transformational journey with Zuari FarmHub. Our shared commitment to innovation means we are at the forefront of developing and delivering affordable, functional and accurate agricultural services. This commitment drives us towards sustainable agricultural growth to create lasting value for farmers. Madan Pandey, MD, Zuari FarmHub said, “We strive to create value for farmers and stakeholders by providing integrated agricultural solutions for all farm needs. By providing real-time access to farm data, we enable farmers to maximize yields, reduce waste and thereby ensure sustainable farming practices. Precision agriculture will create the next agricultural revolution in India, significantly improving the profitability of Indian farmers.

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