Shaka Harry looks at the HORECA segment with plant-based meat products.

Plant-based meat brand Shaka Harry has announced the launch of its latest innovation, Chefsclusive, tailored exclusively for the HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) sector. Chefsclusive introduces a range of appetizers, snacks, meals and side dishes aimed at meeting the growing demand for versatile and high-quality plant-based options for alfresco dining, the company said in a statement.

The range caters to the preferences of both vegetarians and the increasingly popular flexible consumer, offering an exciting mix of flavors and formats. Chefsclusive masterfully balances price, quality and taste, giving business partners the flexibility to tailor and adapt their offerings to the discerning tastes of their customers while ensuring profitability. Anand Nagarajan, Founder and CEO of Shaka Harry said, “The HORECA delivery market in India is valued at around $40 billion. The explosion of out-of-home dining options offers an unprecedented opportunity for menu innovation. At Chefsclusive, we strive to offer a deep selection of dishes that enhance the dining experience and meet the sophisticated demands of today’s consumers.

Sandeep Devgan, founder of Shaka Harry said, “The evolution of plant-based cuisine is essential to remain relevant and exciting. Indian cuisine, with its rich tastes, flavors and forms, is fully prepared for this change. Chefsclusive is bringing back these elements for healthier and cleaner alternatives, without compromising taste and experience. India’s HORECA sector has grown significantly and recent statistics show strong growth in both urban and semi-urban areas. The growth continues to be fueled by growing interest of consumers in plant-based diets and sustainable eating habits.

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