Spowdi has several plans  for India, says its CEO

Swedish Greentech engineering firm Spowdi, which has joined hands with the Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Association of India (SEWA) to promote smart agriculture among women, is preparing “several” other plans for the Indian subcontinent, says company director Henrik Johansson. Chief Executive Officer. “Spowdi will be attending COP28 in a few weeks (11/30-12/12) to share our vision for a sustainable and sustainable food production system. Spowdi has also dedicated a lot of resources to making smallholder farming smarter, and you’ll hear more soon.”    

WEF Award to Most Innovator

     The Swedish company recently won the World Economic Forum’s UpLink Challenge Top Innovator award, which Johansson said was “an understanding and recognition of the need for innovation to make the necessary changes defined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”  Spowd’s collaboration with SEWA has developed significantly, particularly through the Water Drop Initiative. “The partnership progressed in two phases, and after the initial phase was over, we signed a five-year agreement (under the India-Sweden Energy and Environment Partnership) to introduce smart agriculture technology to tens of thousands of smallholder farmers in India,” he said. SEWA is the world’s largest organization of informal workers with 2.5 million women across India. Women make up about 50 percent of the agricultural workforce, and the FAO estimates that they could increase food production by 20 to 30 percent if women were given the same resources as men, which would free 150 million people from hunger, Johansson said.

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