Sugar mills want 100% mechanical harvesting

In preparation for the next sugarcane crushing season, the sugar industry hopes that the Indian government and states will support  mills to promote mechanical harvesters so that 100 percent mechanized harvesting can be achieved soon. “There is no alternative to mechanical harvesting of sugarcane and mills are gearing up to achieve the maximum target in the coming season. Mills are discussing the issue with the government (state and center). Release of government subsidies to harvesters should be expedited”, BB Thombare, president of West Indian Sugar Mills Association (WISMA). 

 “Mechanical harvesting is considered the best agricultural practice in several countries, such as the United States, Thailand and Brazil, which have adopted the method to increase  yield. Mechanical harvesting is transforming sugar harvesting in India. Several sugar mills use mechanical harvesting and  harvesting has improved,” said Uppal Shah, AgriMand. Co-founder and CEO of Live Research.

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