Sugarcane yield fell by 5-10% in Western UP, reports ISMA.

The Indian Sugar and Bioenergy Producers Association (ISMA) said western Uttar Pradesh, which accounts for 32-34 percent of the state’s total sugar production, has seen 5-10 percent lower cane yield this season, (October 2023-September 2024). In a statement sent to Äriliiini, ISMA also said that the performance is 10-13 percent lower in just a few places. Lower yields in the western region were due to water logging and red rot infection. The Private Sugar Mills Association also stated that the rose crop in Central UP is almost the same or slightly lower than last year, while in Eastern UP it is better than last year. ISMA said Sugarcane area in UP has increased by about percent, according to the satellite map data made by it.

Sugar Recycling

The ISMA also said that sugar recycling is better in all three districts of UP, which will increase the country’s sugar production. “As per our second advance estimate, the 2023-24 sugar season is expected to produce 120 lakh tonnes (litres) compared to 119 liters in the 2022-23 SS (pre-rotation) season, According to ISMA, single variety CO-0238 covers about 70 percent in western UP and about 60 percent in entire UP. Noting that some areas of western UP are experiencing low productivity due to adverse climatic conditions and red rot in variety CO-0238, ISMA said “good varieties are available to maintain productivity.

The previously proven expression CO-0238 as a sugarcane wonder variety said that the use of seeds from mixed and unreliable sources is another reason for the spread of red rot infection. “Sugarcane variety CO-0238 was affected by red rot infection in waterlogged areas of eastern UP and spread across the state year after year,” ISMA said. Climatic conditions such as wet-humid conditions help spread red rot in an area where the crop looks good and healthy in the early stages of growth, On sugarcane prices in UP, ISMA said that the mills follow the State Suggested Price (SAP) for sugarcane, which is quite profitable and higher than the prevailing FRP. Recently, the SAP price of sugarcane has been increased by Rs 20 per plant in 2023-24 to Rs 370 per plant from Rs 325 per plant in 2020-21.

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