Tea associations are asking for a 20% bonus; farmers are asking them to reconsider the demand

Unions on Thursday demanded a 20 percent bonus for tea garden workers in Dooars and Terai in West Bengal, Officials said the bodies asked them to reconsider their request due to economic difficulties in the area. A meeting between  West Bengal Consultative Committee Planters Associations (CCPA) and working tea garden unions was held here to decide the amount of bonus for 3.5 million tea workers in Dooars and Terai for 2022-23. The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere, where both sides presented their positions. Although the unions demanded a 20 percent premium, the CCPA asked them to reconsider their position, recognizing the current financially weakened state of the tea industry. When asked about the meeting, the convener of the joint forum of trade unions, Zia-ul-Alam, said that the CCPA expressed difficulties in moving forward with negotiations on Thursday and in its meeting.  They started at 8.33 percent and offered 8.50 percent as the main rate for the whole group Plantersand#039; The bodies could not be reached for comment.  

 Union representatives involved since the start of negotiations unanimously support a fundamental interest of  20 percent with flexible considerations in financially tight gardens, Alam said. 

 He claimed that most orchards in the Dooars and Terai region had offered 20 percent bonuses to their workers for the 22nd financial year (2021-22) and some farms could only pay a little due to worsening financial conditions. The bonus negotiation meeting has been suspended, the CCPA said. He added that the next round of the meeting is scheduled for the first week of October. Recently, a separate meeting was held regarding the annual remuneration of employees of Darjeeling tea gardens.

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