Telangana calls for global tenders to sell 35,000 tonnes of wild rice.

The Congress government in Telangana has launched a new attempt to sell about 35,000 tonnes of paddy for the 2022-23 season as it clears mills and dumps of rice supplies and makes room for new entrants. Civil Supplies Corporation procured the uniform, sold as is, from more than 1,830 factories in 28 districts.

After two consecutive attempts by the former Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) to sell shares failed, the Revanth Reddy government initiated a new process to increase the amount to be sold by 10 lakh tonnes. State mills were full of Rabi Irish stocks as the Center refused to provide summer rice due to lack of buyers. Telangana, the largest producer of Rabi rice bran, has been left with huge stocks as there is no demand in the open market. States like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which used to buy parboiled rice (made from rapeseed husk), stopped buying as they started producing supplies for those states. “Civil Supplies Corporation has divided the stocks into 12 lots, 11 containing 3 lakh tonnes each and one lot containing 1.59 lakh tonnes,” the government order said.

“The evaluation and finalization of the bids received is done on the basis of the highest price offered by the bidders (H-1). Other technically qualified bidders willing to match the price of H-1 will also be considered for purchase of rice flour,” it said.

Those interested in the bidding process will have to pay an EMD (Earnest Money Deposit). of Rs 17.55 million per 3,000 tonnes per lot. The condition for making a bid is that the bidder’s average annual turnover in business over the last three years must be at least 200 million rubles. The company will hold a pre-bid meeting on January 31. The deadline for submitting bids is February 7. Technical bids will be opened on February 8 and financial bids will be opened the following day.

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