Telangana will distribute 25,000 tonnes of spoil shares to 10 bidders

The Telangana government has distributed 25,000 tonnes of rabies to 10 companies that submitted their bids in global tenders organized by it. As stocks from previous rabies seasons accumulated and overwhelmed the colonies, the state organized global tenders to clear stocks so that the Kharif income would be free. As many as 11 parties made 54 bids with bids ranging from ₹ 1,618 to ₹ 1,732 per quintal. After opening the financial bids, the government allocated 25 lots (one lakh tonnes for each lot) to ten winning bidders. While the government managed to stock up and make room for future kharif stocks, it had to settle for lower yields than what it used to get paddy from farmers.  The shares, separated by area, were offered as is and divided into six lots – five lots of four lakh tonnes each and a sixth of five lakh tonnes. The state’s e-tendering process required bidders to have a turnover of ₹ 1,000 crore in the last three years. 

 Days after the country announced global tenders, the Union government also imposed restrictions on steamed rice exports, raising doubts about whether the country will be able to continue the auction or not.  Rumor has it that the state got a hint about the Centre’s offers and went ahead with the process. 

 A bunch of reasons 

  Unlike paddy grown in the kharif season, rabi rice yields less coarse rice when milled. They would prefer to prepare pre-cooked rice to minimize the portion of broken rice. (Rabi grain becomes brittle  during  harvest due to high temperature.)  When the Center explained that it only obtained raw rice, the state government had no choice but to destroy the offers.

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