The Christmas holidays will raise the prices of some tea grades at the Coonoor auctions

Christmas holidays and the absence of auctions in other centers in South India pushed up the prices of certain varieties of tea at the Coonoor Tea auction center last week. Shopkeepers said that in 51 sales, premium and better liquors were 3-4 rupees more and sometimes more to match the quality. The better medium varieties were Rs 1-2 and sometimes more expensive. The broken parts were barely 1-2 rupees more expensive. According to Global Tea Auctioneers, 87 percent of the 14,53,240 kilograms offered in leaf quality were sold, 77 percent of the 3,97,508 kilograms offered in 2008. In the category of orthodox leaves, primary whole leaves were almost uniform and sometimes Rs 2-3 and sometimes more. Breaks were lower by Rs 2 to 3, with some pullbacks.

Lack of offers

In Poly CTC the expensive and better liquors were 3-4 rupees more and sometimes more depending on the quality. Better medium varieties were 2-3 rupees lower. Intermediate varieties were barely flat, down by Rs 1-2, with some retreating due to lack of supply. Clearer variations were easier Rs 1-2 and fairer withdrawals. Grades of primary orthodox dust were 5-6 Rs lower, while secondary and finer dust was hardly uniform and lighter 1-2 Rs.

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